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Dmitry Yakobchuk

Dmitry Yakobchuk (38) is Sales Manager at Caotech. He tells us more about Caotech and about the Area Sales Manager vacancy.

Can you tell me something about yourself?
“I’m 38 years old, originally I’m from Russia, I started to work with Caotech in 2006 as an agent and in 2013 I moved to The Netherlands to work for Caotech as an Area Sales Manager. Since 2017 I am the Sales Manager here

Why did you choose to work for Caotech?
“In my previous job as an agent I worked intensively together with Caotech. It clicked very well between us. I liked the pragmatic approach to business, sales and clients and the getting-things-done attitude. Because of this click we had, I decided that I wanted to start working for Caotech.”

What kind of company is Caotech?
“Caotech is a middle sized company, which exports 90% of its products worldwide. We are specialized in mainly self-developed machineries for the food industry. We supply projects for the cacao processing and confectionary industries. For example the processing lines for chocolate, creams, bread spreads etc.”

Can you tell me something about your team?
“The sales team consists of five Area Sales Managers and we are working in almost every part of the world. Each Area Sales Manager has its own territory. As Area Sales Manager you spend 50% of the time abroad, but even when we are abroad our team is a lot in contact with each other. Right now we are looking for a new Area Sales Manager for the Far East area, that contains China, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore.”

What kind of companies are your clients?
“We provide high quality equipment, which means our clients are mostly big and middle sized companies, multinationals and occasionally smaller companies.”

What personal characteristics are important to possess as Area Sales Manager?
“As a salesperson it is important that you are somebody that the client can trust. That is why your personality is crucial, and work experience is less important. Our clients should like you and feel comfortable with you. It is also important that you are confident, because you have to deal with the owners, directors and technical directors of the companies.”

What makes Caotech a great employer?
“I would describe Caotech as a company without any unnecessary bureaucracy. People are responsible for themselves and at the same time we are all dedicated in helping each other when needed. That makes it a nice place to work. And when it comes to travelling, everything is organized in a proper way.”

We are looking for an Area Sales Manager for Caotech. For more information, contact Thedo Boer: 06-51831834.